About us

The “2018 International Music Festival for Youth in Vienna” is officially opened. This event is sponsored by “Verein für internationale Kulturentwicklung und -austausch in Wien”, which aims to promote the development and improvement of music art in Austria and abroad. Through the competition, the mining of a new generation of pianists is carried out, which can lay a solid foundation for the youth to stand on the world stage. Under the guidance of the famous teachers in the world, the youth can improve their professional knowledge and enrich themselves continuously during the exchange with excellent music talents overseas.

Our professors are from different European Higher Music Universities, Conservatories and Opera Houses, including the famous “University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna” and “Hungarian State Opera”. They have a wealth of performing and teaching experiences and will provide students with the cutting-edge information of teaching and performance.



One-to-one Master Class

Each student will attend four (one-to-one) master classes during the festival period with professor. Part of the outstanding students will be recommended by professors to participate in a public master class. The rest students can audit public master classes, to have the opportunity to experience the world first-class education. (public master class of the chosen student is included in the four master classes)


Lectures of famous teachers

Besides one-to-one professional master class, the students also have the opportunity to participate in colorful workshops and teacher lectures, feeling the European music tradition and the advanced music teaching idea. And students also can share experiences of learning music with professors and students, improving their musicianship in many ways.





“Haydn International Piano Competition” will be held during the Music Festival. Through arousing students’ enthusiasm for music and performance exchanges, the students can make breakthrough continuously on the way of learning music. The competition could also provide a higher international art platform for the participants.



Concert and Awards Ceremony


The closing ceremony of “2018 International Music Festival for Youth in Vienna” and Students Exchange Concert will be held in Barocksaal, Altes Rathaus, which is a famous historical cultural building established in 1700 and filled with the sense of royal household. The students will show their gains during the festival here, they will give excellent performances for the audience and fellow students in this beautiful palace of culture.